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Hit the Mark, Watch it React
explosive alternative to the boring paper targets!

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exploding targets,
the ultimate thrill for shooting enthusiasts

Our exploding targets are designed to take your shooting experience to a whole new level. Our exploding targets are suitable for various calibres, air guns, and firearms, accommodating a wide range of shooting preferences.


Flare45 Targets are small and lightweight, with a 45 mm diameter. Flare45S delivers a satisfying result upon a direct hit of light & smoke. Flare45L & Flare25L delivers a satisfying result upon a direct hit of light, smoke and sound.
Flare45 targets have a self-adhesive backing that makes it easy to stick them on any dry hard surface.
Varying results based on the backing material. 

S45 Disc .png


When hit, will ignite producing a bright flash and consistent smoke.

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FLR25S Disc Single.png


When hit, will ignite producing a bright flash, smoke and bang

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Compact package

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Easy to use

Peel off and stick to a hard surface

FLR45S Disc.png
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FLR25S Disc.png

Affordable 5&10 pcs/pack. 

Designed for fire arms & air guns slingshot and archery

Pet-friendly exploding target

It’s very well-documented that not everyone likes loud bangs.  They can cause distress and panic for pets and people alike. We appreciate that many dogs, cats, horses, and cattle are scared by the loud bangs of traditional exploding targets. We also realise that loud reactive targets can come as a shock to neighboring properties if they’re not expecting them!

Our Flare45S reactive target generates only light and smoke effects. At Premium Targets, we understand that loud exploding targets are not for everybody and that’s why we created Flare45S, a quiet reactive target to ensure that everyone can have a rewarding shooting session without the need for loud bangs. 

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