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Always prioritize safety when using exploding targets. By adhering to the manufacturer's instructions, following local laws, and implementing good shooting practices, you can enjoy a thrilling shooting experience while maintaining a safe environment for yourself and others.



How to use our exploding targets
Read safety instructions
Practice gun safety at all times

Affix target 
Affix the target to a hard surface using the self-adhesive sticker provided on the back of each target. Sticking them to a hard, smooth, and flat surface (brick, concrete, metal) will produce the best results
Shot and hit
The target will ignite delivering a satisfactory
flash & smoke and bang reaction 


All users must read the Safety Instructions before use
Failure to follow safety instructions may cause injuries to persons or property damage.
Always wear proper eye and hearing protection.
Practice gun safety at all times.
Read all safety information on the product package.
Store Targets in a cool, dry area away from flammable materials or excessive heat.
Affix target to a hard surface by using ONLY the self-adhesive sticker provided on the back of each target.
(No screws, nails, or staples)
Do not
ignore safety information, as it may result in injury.
Do not use at distances less than 10m/11 yards.
Do not use it indoors.
Do not burn or incinerate.
Do not store near an open flame. 
Do not smoke in the vicinity of the target.
Do not dismantle or modify.
Do not use where there is a risk of fire (combustible materials or dry vegetation)
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