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Always prioritize safety when using exploding targets. By adhering to the manufacturer's instructions, following local laws, and implementing good shooting practices, you can enjoy a thrilling shooting experience while maintaining a safe environment for yourself and others.


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My target did not ignite! Why?

  • The target has not been affixed on a smooth solid surface such as metal, hardwood, brick, or concrete (Do not use soft wood, cardboard, paper, or plastic as backing). The pellet/bullet has insufficient energy to create detonation (low-powered airguns or airsoft guns). Using a hard, smooth, and flat surface as backing (metal, brick, concrete) will produce the best results.

  • Flare45 targets will not ignite with low-powered air guns & airsoft guns. Flare45 targets can ignite with low-powered airguns but the result can be different (no bang). 

  • Exploding targets require a certain minimum velocity to ignite. If the bullet or air rifle pellet does not have enough speed, it might not generate the necessary impact energy to trigger ignition. You can get different results or no ignition by using low-power air rifles or air pistols.

  • When you hit the rim, not the centre of the target, sometimes the target will ignite with different results.(no bang or no igniton,)

We test the targets on the following conditions: 

Target affixed on 3mm steel plate, shot at with PCP Air rifle at 35m/38 yards, with Excite Econ Pellet .177 / 4.50 mm/7.1 Grains /580 FPS/ Muzzle Energy: 5.68 ft-lb. 

  • Storage Conditions: Exploding targets can be sensitive to environmental conditions. Extreme heat, moisture, or exposure to sunlight can affect their stability and may cause them to fail to ignite.

  • Duds: Like any manufactured product, there's always a small chance of getting a defective product (a "dud") that simply doesn't work as intended. This is rare but possible. Please contact us in this case; we will replace the faulty targets for free.

  • Distance and Angle: The angle at which the bullet or projectile strikes the target can also affect ignition. Striking the target at an extreme angle may not provide the necessary impact energy for ignition.

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