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Flare45L | Exploding Target LOUD
  • Reactive targets
  • 43 mm
  • 5targets/pack
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • When hit, will ignite producing flash, consistent smoke and a loud bang


Flare45L | Exploding Target LOUD

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SKU: FLR45L Retail
  • Flare45 Targets are small and lightweight, with a 45 mm diameter. Target delivers a satisfying result upon a direct hit of light, smoke, and loud bang Flare45L targets have a self-adhesive backing that makes it easy to stick them on any dry hard surface. Varying results based on the backing material. 

    • Designed for shooting practice
    • 45mm /3mm/ NEC 1.6gr. 
    • Tested with PCP Air rifle at 35m/38 yards 
    • with Excite Econ Pellet .177 / 4.50 mm/7.1 
    • Grains /580 FPS/ Muzzle Energy: 5.68 ft-lb

    How to use it

    Read safety instructions.
    Practice gun safety at all times.

    Affix target 
    Affix the target to a dry hard surface by using
    the self-adhesive sticker provided on the
     back of each target.
    Sticking them to a hard, smooth, and flat 
    surface will produce the best results

    Shot and hit
    Target will ignite delivering a satisfactory 
    flash, smoke and bang reaction 


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